Typical Albanians
Typical Albanians
I'm just an ordinary Albanian girl! Born in Shkoder and raised in Belgium.
Typical Albanian things!
Fun is guaranteed !
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Do you Like Serbia ? Im from Kosovo and I always wanted to know if albanians from Albania don't like serbia either. Nit that I hate Serbia, it's not the nations fault but it's the governments fault. Sorry for my Bad english. Im from Kosovo, Mitrovic :)


Well do you like Serbia?

aaa edhe ti prej shkoderes!!! na jena afer njeri-tjetri, un jam prej bajze-kastratit :) malesore prej shkoderes haha mpelqen blogu jot shum, njesh je, moter!


Shkodra 1 !! :D

Shummm flm ! 

Hahha you are so funny! Luv u <3


lol i know

Such a good blog thingy ( not really a question)!


thanks girl !


So I was watching youtube videos of albanian weddings because i’m bored and on the side I saw a video that said “1 son after 5 daughters” so i clicked on it and these people were literally throwing a party because they finally had a son. Can we just talk about how hilarious and ridiculous that is for a second?

i hate that, i know a familiy and they have 8 daughters and they won’t stop until they have a boy shittttttttt kuku per to hahaha

There's a bunch of albanians in big cities. Like new york, Detroit, Cleveland, places like that. There people from all parts of Albania. I know people from shkoder, fier, korce, tirana, vlore, all over. Albanians are everywhere man.


well thank you !