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I'm just an ordinary Albanian girl! Born in Shkoder and raised in Belgium.
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if i hear one more serbian being all like “we forgave but we’ll never forget” i’ll throw up.
Forget what?? forget what???

Forget that you murdered 11.840 albanians within only one year and a half?
where 90% of them where unarmed?

Forget that you raped 20.000 albanian women?

Yeah you didn’t forget that? Because neither did we.
I hope our blood on your hands reminds you every day of what you did.


Albanians are famous in the Balkan region for their culture and folklore. Whether we talk about the heroic epics , the sweetly melodic lullabies , wedding songs or other folk festivals the beauty of Albanian culture is so fascinating. 

Shota the traditional dance of Albania is also a reflection of the great folk heritage of Albania. This dance is very popular in whole Balkan region. Shota is most popular in the northern part of Montenegro also known as Sandzak. The neighboring Kosovo people also love to dance Shota. Shota is typically danced at weddings and family gatherings, it is a must!

Shota or Shote dance has the historic significance as well as this traditional dance is named after the Albanian heroine Shote Galica. Shote Galica was a great warrior in this region who was involved in more than 40 guerrilla campaigns against the enemy. She fought to safeguard her countrymen form the violence and terror caused by the Belgrade and Serb regimes. In the last days of her life, Shote Galica moved to Albania, where she died in Fushe-Kruje. As a tribute of her great services she was declared by the Albanian government as People’s Heroin of Albania.

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Do you Like Serbia ? Im from Kosovo and I always wanted to know if albanians from Albania don't like serbia either. Nit that I hate Serbia, it's not the nations fault but it's the governments fault. Sorry for my Bad english. Im from Kosovo, Mitrovic :)


Well do you like Serbia?

aaa edhe ti prej shkoderes!!! na jena afer njeri-tjetri, un jam prej bajze-kastratit :) malesore prej shkoderes haha mpelqen blogu jot shum, njesh je, moter!


Shkodra 1 !! :D

Shummm flm ! 

Hahha you are so funny! Luv u <3


lol i know