Typical Albanians
Typical Albanians
I'm just an ordinary Albanian girl! Born in Shkoder and raised in Belgium.
Typical Albanian things!
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So I was watching youtube videos of albanian weddings because i’m bored and on the side I saw a video that said “1 son after 5 daughters” so i clicked on it and these people were literally throwing a party because they finally had a son. Can we just talk about how hilarious and ridiculous that is for a second?

i hate that, i know a familiy and they have 8 daughters and they won’t stop until they have a boy shittttttttt kuku per to hahaha

There's a bunch of albanians in big cities. Like new york, Detroit, Cleveland, places like that. There people from all parts of Albania. I know people from shkoder, fier, korce, tirana, vlore, all over. Albanians are everywhere man.


well thank you !

Love this Blog!! You should Post more often!:))


thank u :* 

Post more funny stuff!^^



Where are from in Shkoder? Because I am from there too :)


postriba ;)


Pictura qe kam ba 
I'm really happy you feel it's ok to perpetuate and trivialize Albanian bullshit that the rest of the world stopped doing in 1820. Yeah, getting married, being a good girl, and knowing how to cook and clean. Life goal. As an Albanian, you should be encouraging other Albanian girls to break this cycle of shit. As an Albanian guy with two sisters, sometimes I'm fucking ashamed to be an Albanian. Encourage girls to go to school and be independent, to contribute something to the world, not get marry


could not say it any better ! 

qysh e ke ndreq qashtu me temen ??